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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : Persistence and recovery

Persistence and recovery

BPM Events maintains at any time a persistent image of its internal state in database. This persistent state is called the Recovery Backup. Whenever BPM Events server stops, either manually (for example, through Business Process Portal) or by an accident (for example, server crash), the Recovery Backup contains the data corresponding to the server internal state, as it was after the processing of the last external event. When BPM Events is restarted, the server automatically reads the current Recovery Backup and reinitializes its memory state accordingly. It is then ready to process the event next to the last processed event, as this event was also persistent in the Business Process Server event queue. The main elements of the Recovery Backup are:
*Event cache, and
*Event scheduler.
* Infopad persistence
* Database access failure handling
* Keeping the recovery backup up-to-date