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BPM Events User's Guide
Administering and operating BPM Events : Persistence and recovery : Database access failure handling

Database access failure handling

The synchronization transaction may fail for various reasons:
*The BPM Events database server is down or the database connection is broken. In that case, BPM Events server retries periodically, until the connection problem is fixed or until it is shut down.
BPM Events provides two configuration parameters that handle database access failure:
*bpmevents.server.eventsource.retryinterval. This parameter specifies the retry interval that BPM Events uses to check whether the database is up. The default value is 30,000 milliseconds.
*bpmevents.server.eventsource.maxdbretry. This parameter specifies the number of times BPM Events tries to establish a connection to the database. By default, the value of this parameter is -1; that is, BPM Events tries to reestablish the connection continually.
*The JDBC call that is generated is incompatible with the database schema. For example, the table that stores an infopad in the Infopad Repository is deleted and the synchronization transaction attempts to update this infopad image. In that case, an error is logged, and BPM Events server is suspended. The fix is likely to require human intervention, either on the database side or on the rule engine side. BPM Events then requires manual shutdown and restarting.