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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Controlling the actions of a rule : Assignment action statements : Infopad variables
Infopad variables
A special mention is necessary regarding infopad variables. The infopads are created in the initialize section of a module, but their reference must be visible to all rules. Therefore, they should be declared at module level as global identifiers, not only in the initialize section. However, for the sake of easy development, the need for declaring global variables has been avoided in recent Business Process Server versions. You can directly assign an infopad variable in the initialize section as it is automatically and implicitly declared as global to the whole module:
ReqStats :=
new infopad<cell{maxamount:float,totalamount:float}>[4][3]("ReqStats");
Use the ReqStats identifier in any rule of the module, referring to the same infopad. If the same infopad is shared across modules or even applications, then use different variables from one module to the other, provided that the same expression on the right side is used to initialize them, referring to the "internal" infopad name, shown in the above example as "ReqStats".