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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Controlling the actions of a rule

Controlling the actions of a rule

Each rule can have one or more actions to be executed in sequence. An action can consist of the following various forms:
*Predefined function invocation: function_name(argument1, argument2,…);
*Invocation of the BP Server API, in order to control process instances, get status info, etcetera.
*Generating and sending an e-mail.
*Generating internal events that trigger other rules.
*An infopad operation, that is, value assignment: ReqStats[2][4].name :=;
*An administration operation, that is, like discarding used events from the event cache.
* Syntactic structure of rule actions
* Functional action statements
* Declaration action statements
* Assignment action statements
* Conditional action statements
* Compound action statements
* Iterative action statements