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BP Server Developer's Guide
Business calendar : Calculating the due date : Work item due date

Work item due date

BP Server uses the business calendar for due date calculation only at the time of work item creation for the workstep type Group Any and Group All.
Work item due date is not recalculated when
*Work item state changes from available to assigned.
*Work item is reassigned.
*Tasks are delegated.
When a work item is created for a user, the highest precedence is given to the calendar assigned to the user. If the user has no calendar, then the workstep instance due date is assigned to the work item. As described before, the workstep instance due date may be based on either system or group calendar.
In a Group All workstep, each work item may have a different due date based on the individual user calendars. However, the workstep instance due date is not adjusted to any of the work item due dates. That is because the workstep instance due date always considers the estimated duration and not the individual calendars.
The difference between work item due date and workstep instance due date can be used very effectively to analyze and improve the estimated duration as well to identify the reasons for the performers who takes longer duration compared to the estimated duration.
Note that Timer Actions could be used to automate reassigning all work items that take longer duration to achieve effective time management.