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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep performers : Excluding performers for worksteps : Specifying the exclude performers

Specifying the exclude performers

The format of the ExcludePeformers list is:
    <Performer name="admin" />
    <Performer name="@ds1" />
    <PerformerOf name="Activity 2"/>
*The performer can be either a valid performer or a mapped dataslot. More than one <Performer> tag can be used to specify multiple exclude performers. However, each tag can have only one user or mapped dataslot value.
*<PerformerOf> tag can be used to specify the workstep name whose performer should be excluded. You must specify the workstep name explicitly.
Note: Mapped Dataslots cannot be specified for the <PerformerOf> tag.
In general, for each user, workstep, and EJB application, a separate tag should be specified. The mapped dataslots and EJB applications can return only individual users.
Note: The excluded performer list should not include groups and queues.
Examples of the Exclude Performer format are given in the Workstep properties in OpenEdge.
The BP Server excludes or removes each resource in the exclude list from the performer list. Any resource in the exclude list that is not available in performers list of a workstep is ignored. After the exclusion of all specified performers, the work item is either Assigned or Available to the final list of performers.
A user can complete a task delegated to him/her even if he/she is excluded from the performer list.