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BP Server Developer's Guide
Dynamic work item management using queues : Work item management : Retrieving available work items

Retrieving available work items

Whenever a user logs in, the list of all groups to which the user belongs is retrieved from the specified user management system. The list of all the queues, of which the retrieved groups were members, is also fetched using the QueueResource table. Some of these groups may not be members of any queues. The final list includes the users, list of queues (of which some groups are the members), and also the list of groups that do not belong to any queue. This list is used to search the available work items.
For example, consider a case where user1 belongs to group1, group23, group29, and group61. Also, group1 is a member of queue1, group23 is member of queue16, and group61 is member of queue15. Note that group29 does not belong to any queue. Now the final list is user1, queue1, queue16, queue15, and group29. BP Server dynamically expands this list to get the list of real performers.
Note: If a user belongs to more than one queue, then use custom filtering for the work item ID to avoid the work item duplication.