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BP Server Developer's Guide
Working with Monitoring process : Refreshing a Monitoring process

Refreshing a Monitoring process

Like any business process, you can refresh a monitoring process during its life cycle. The following list explains the important points about the monitoring process refresh behavior:
*All the current restrictions and rules of a process refresh apply for monitoring process refresh also.
*You cannot change the dataslot marked as EIId.
*You can add a monitoring workstep, and/or convert a monitoring workstep to a non-monitoring workstep and vice-versa.
*If an existing CHARACTER dataslot is marked as an EIId dataslot, then the value of this dataslot for all the live process instances must be unique or null, otherwise refresh operation fails.
Using process refresh, you can convert a human workstep containing active work item(s) to a monitoring human workstep. You can then complete the converted monitoring human workstep by an external COMPLETE_WORKSTEP event. However, you cannot complete the work item(s) by an external event. You can complete work item(s), by using APIs or from Business Process Portal.