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BP Server Developer's Guide
Smart value objects : Process SVOs

Process SVOs

The structure of Process SVOs is shown in Figure 8.
Figure 8. Process SVO class diagram
The class structure is described below:
*BLProcess — This abstract class is the super class of all SVOs and provides the common framework.
*Business ProcessTemplate — This is a client-side SVO to manage process template.
*ProcessInstance — A ProcessInstance object represents an active business process. It is a running instance of the ProcessTemplate.
*WorkStepTemplate — Worksteps are the basic building blocks of the workflow processes. WorkStepTemplate is the template level object of a workstep and provides the blueprint for a WorkStepInstance. For more information, see Workstep template management.
*WorkStepInstance — This SVO is actually executed during runtime. For more information, see Workstep Instance Management.
*ActivityWSInstance — This class extends WorkStepInstance and it is a SVO for WorkStepInstances performed by users.
*WorkItem — This is a client-side SVO to manage workitems. For more information, see Work item management.