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BP Server Developer's Guide
Messaging workstep : Message descriptor : Payload


The Payload tag contains one or more payload properties. Each property should have a unique name and an XPath pointing to a valid location in the payload XML.
<Property name="prodName">
    <Property name="price" type="double">
In the above example, the property prodName is an alias to the value of the XPath /Product/Name/text(), that is, it is the alias for the value of XML tag <Name> inside the tag <Product> in the message XML.
The default data-type for a property is java.lang.String. If a property’s data-type is other than java.lang.String, then the ’type’ attribute should have a proper java type value.
The mapping of various payload properties to the XML tag and data in an example XML message is shown in Figure 24.
Figure 24. NewProduct.XML file