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BP Server Developer's Guide
Messaging workstep : Message publisher workstep

Message publisher workstep

Figure 33 shows how inputs to the Message Publisher Workstep dialog box are used for the XML.
Figure 33. Message Publisher Workstep
Message Selection: In a publisher workstep, user has to first select a single named message to be published from the provided list of named messages. For the selected message, a dataslot for message properties (payload as well as header) to be mapped should also be selected. BP Server automatically displays the list of message properties in a drop-down list beside the dataslot option.
Channel Selection: Once the dataslots and message properties mappings are defined, then user may choose a channel name to which the message should be published upon activation of the workstep.
The message publisher workstep performs the following operations on activation:
1. Construct the JMS message from the XML message template.
2. Add the JMS message header from the header properties.
3. Get the channel/destination to which the message is to be sent.
4. Publishe the message on this channel.
* XML tags for publisher workstep
* Construction of JMS message
* Publisher message handler
* Error condition for publisher message handler
* BP Server operations on activation of a publisher workstep