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BP Server Developer's Guide
File class loader : Logging and debugging

Logging and debugging

Class loading is a complex process, and hence logging is required at all the important stages to debug any issues in the development or production environment. The logger used with this library is the SBMLogger from com.savvion.sbm.util. The logger is a configurable component, and the caller can set its own logger in the library. Therefore, whether it is a BP Server user or a BPM Events user, they can provide their own loggers to get the logging in their respective log files. Even if the logger is null, standard output is used for logging.
Similar to the logger, the debug flag is also configurable and can be provided by the caller along with the logger.
Note: The FileClassLoader library has been developed to work independently, without using Business Process Servers. The only dependency is on SBMLogger for logging purposes.