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BP Server Developer's Guide
File class loader

File class loader

BP Server supports dynamic loading of class files on demand to configure features as required.
The file class loader utility is capable of loading the class files from absolute locations as well as JAR files on demand. It can also load all the classes for specific applications from specified locations and from common locations as well. The class loader is flexible and can be configured to enable or disable features as required.
The FileClassLoader offers the following features:
*Application class loader — loads all the classes associated with an application using the same instance of the FileClassLoader.
*Loading class files from common resources — All instances of the FileClassLoader are capable of loading classes from common resources, other than the resources specific to them.
*Loading classes from JAR files — The FileClassLoader is capable of loading the classes from JAR files.
*Dynamic class loading — If a class is modified, then the FileClassLoader can load the new class definition.
* Class loading
* Resource loading
* Logging and debugging