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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : Variables : Formal reference notation

Formal reference notation

A Formal Reference Notation variable also begins with $ but the variable name should be enclosed in the curly braces {}. For example: ${customer}.payments were received on time.

Formal notation usage

BP Server uses only formal notation to refer to the e-mail variables. For any value assignment to variables, variables enclosed in {} should be used in the expression without prefixing "$" symbol. However, to read the value of variables, "$" symbol should be prefixed with the variable name that is enclosed in {}.
${name}, ${price}, ${customer} // formal notation
Value Assignment
{name} = [BP Server] //to change the value of the dataslot "name".
To read the value of a variable
${customer}.payments were received on time
A system dataslot name is always prefixed with "PCTX." keyword for the proper name space use. The keyword "PCTX" is an abbreviation of term "Process Context".
System Variables