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BP Server Developer's Guide
JMS based event publisher : Event channels

Event channels

An event channel describes a JMS topic or queue and associated prefilter conditions. The prefilter conditions decide the type of events to send to a particular channel. All the subscribers or listeners of this channel receive only the events filtered on the prefilter conditions. Additionally, each subscriber can also use SQL92 queries on message properties as post-filter conditions. The SQL92 based queries use the properties specified in the JMS header. The event channel architecture is shown in Figure 23.
Figure 23. Event channels
Note: BP Server does not provide any configured channel by default for publishing events. Therefore, it does not publish any event when you start EventPublisher. You can add channels for publishing events by using Event Publisher feature of Business Process Portal’s Administration module. After you configure channels for publishing events, BP Server can publish events on them.
* Event channel name
* Event channel persistence
* Event channel cache
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