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BP Server Developer's Guide
Dataslot management : Working with different types of dataslots : Document dataslots

Document dataslots

A document type of dataslot is a dataslot to which the users can attach one or more documents. The documents can be uploaded to the server and the other performers can download, read and update them.You can attach any type of file to a Document dataslot. The dataslot must be specified as an output dataslot in a workstep to provide the ability to attach a file.
The default value for a Document dataslot can be specified using:
*the "file://" protocol
*the "http://" protocol
*documents at OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\<ptName>\docs.
When documents specified for default values are referred to, they can be a simple file name (readme.doc) or a file name with relative path (myfolder/readme.doc).
When the specified documents are not found, or are not readable, or have problems while uploading, the errors are logged but ignored so that the template or instance create operations are successful.
Note: In the case of file and http protocols, when the data is migrated to another computer, the default values should be modified to reflect the new host-name and port number.
You can use Developer Studio to configure Document dataslot to attach a single document or a bundle of multiple documents. But Business Process Portal does not allow you to attach multiple documents to a single Document dataslot. A Business Process Portal user has to remove the existing document before attaching a new document to a single Document dataslot. However, BP Server does not differentiate between single and multiple Document dataslots. Therefore, you can add more than one documents to a single Document dataslot using BP Server API. To achieve a single document behavior while using BP Server APIs, you must invoke remove method to remove the existing document before attaching a new document to a single Document dataslot. The same behavior is seen from BP Server Admin also.
The length of path of any document or folder in Document Management System (DMS) is limited to 255 characters. Therefore, the maximum permissible length for the name of any document or a folder is less than 255 characters. The maximum length of any document or a folder name is 255 minus the length of path of the parent folder.
You can impose restrictions on the type of files that users can attach to the document dataslot by using the bpmportal.document.exclude.extensions parameter from the OEBPS_HOME\conf\bpmportal.conf file. By default it is set to .exe, .cmd, .js, and .bat. You can use this feature to enhance security.
For more information on Document dataslots, refer to Application Developer’s Guide.
* Adding documents
* Retrieving documents
* Saving locally
* Removing documents
* Miscellaneous
* Storing document dataslot attachments in external location
* Supporting multiple DMS user credentials