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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process refresh : Changes during refresh

Changes during refresh

Since it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the processes and the system, only the following changes are allowed during refresh:
*Add worksteps.
*Modify selected workstep properties.
*Add instance level and global dataslots.
*Modify selected dataslot properties.
*Modify selected link properties.
Note: If a process requires changes other than those allowed for process refresh, then it is recommended to version the process template as described in Process template versioning.
After Process Refresh, changes in the priority, performer and instructions workstep properties are not effective for the process instances which are already activated, if the said workstep was already activated once or more before the process refresh operation. For the process instances created after process refresh operation, or if the said workstep is activated for the first time only after process refresh operation, then the changes made in the above mentioned properties are effective immediately.
* Adding worksteps
* Workstep properties
* Adding dataslots
* Modifying dataslot properties
* Modifying link properties