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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process refresh : Changes during refresh : Adding worksteps

Adding worksteps

You can add worksteps subject to the following conditions:
*If a new workstep is added, then the target cannot be an existing And-join type workstep.
*For all existing And-join worksteps, the source worksteps should not be modified.
By default, BP Server does not allow addition of new And-join workstep for the Process Refresh feature. In specific situations, you can allow the addition by setting the following property in the file bpserver.conf:
When this property is set to "false", BP Server allows the addition of new And-join worksteps. Note that this property is not present in the bpserver.conf by default. If you need to set it, then you have to enter it in the conf file and then set it as desired. However, this change in property is very critical and we recommend it to be done with caution.
Consider a process in which the workstep Activity3 is activated. With Process Refresh, you add a new workstep Activity4 and an And-join such that Activity3 and Activity4 terminate in the And-join. In this scenario, instances from the source process template never has the Activity4 workstep activated and hence the flow does not proceed.
As a best practice, it is recommended not to add any new And-join workstep.
Note: Deleting worksteps is not allowed.