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BP Server Developer's Guide
Using the BP Server admin utility : Refreshing configuration parameters : Broad outline for executing the commands

Broad outline for executing the commands

The following is a broad outline of steps for executing these commands:
1. Start BP Server.
2. Start BP ServerAdmin.
3. Connect to BP Server using a valid username and password.
4. Execute the command – refreshBPS, refreshJMS or refreshOEBPS.
You can check bpserver.log file for the results of these commands.The results of these respective commands are shown in Table 22 .
Table 22. Log entries for refresh commands
Log entry
BP Server INFO - (3222):Refresh of BP Server properties done successfully.
BP Server INFO - (3221):JMS Resources cached in the server is refreshed successfully.
OEBPS INFO - (029):Refresh of Business Process Server resources done successfully.