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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : Dataslot handling : HTML E-mail Templates

HTML E-mail Templates

*Only images can be embedded with HTML e-mails.
*No support for references to external files in any other HTML tags.
*E-mail clients do not allow the following functions of the "window" object:
*"Window.opener" should NOT be used because it is not initialized with the reference of the parent window.
*BMP files are not displayed properly in the Netscape.
*Only selected e-mail clients provide complete support for HTML e-mails.
*JavaScript must be enabled for e-mail task completion.
*With Netscape, HTML e-mail composition must be disabled.
*When it is required to create a pop-window, then should be used for Netscape and createPopWindow() should be used for OutLook and Thunderbird.
*OutLook and OutLookExpress encode spaces in a CHARACTER dataslot value to "+". To solve this issue, set the parameter in the file to true. This converts all the "+" signs to space. This should be used carefully because any valid "+" is also converted to spaces.
*With Outlook, the total byte size of the composed e-mail should be less than 1445 bytes. Otherwise, Outlook either displays an error or does not respond.