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Application Developer's Guide
Developing BPM Workflow adapters : Using system adapters : Using the PAKReassignWI adapter

Using the PAKReassignWI adapter

You can use the PAKReassignWI Adapter to reassign tasks to another user during run time without needing to leave the application and go to Business Process Portal and reassign a work item. To do so, follow the procedures that have been described for the PAKUpdateDS Adapter in the previous section (see Using the PAKUpdateDS adapter), but with the following exceptions:
1. To create the PAKReassignWI Adapter performer, enter the following Java class name for this adapter: com.savvion.BPM Workflow.beans.PAKReassignWI in the Class box.
Figure 18. Defining the PAKReassignWI adapter
2. Instead of labelling the button "Save" as described in Step 4 in the previous section, label it "Reassign".
The PAKReassignWI Adapter reassigns the task to the value of the performer dataslot (listed in PAKReassignWI adapter properties).