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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using JavaScript in a workstep : Integrating JavaScript : Sending e-mail using JavaScript
Sending e-mail using JavaScript
You can send an e-mail message using JavaScript without having to create a specific workstep just for this task. To send an e-mail message, use the following code:
jst.sendEmail(address, subject, content);
where address is the e-mail address of the recipient, subject is the message subject, and content is the body of the message.
You can send the values of multiple dataslots by concatenating the dataslot values before sending the message.
For example, you could use the following code to send an e-mail message:
var jcont = name + ":" + salary;
jst.sendEmail("", "testing", jcont);
jst.sendEmail("", "testing", name + ":" + salary);