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Application Developer's Guide
Developing applications with rollback support : Rollback restrictions

Rollback restrictions

Rollback has the following restrictions:
*Apply rollback points only for Activity, Adapter, and Subprocess worksteps. BP Server does not allow rollback to And gateway, Or-join, Decision, Split, Start, and End worksteps.
*Rollback points are not allowed between a Split and And gateway/Or-join in the process template. Placing a rollback point between these types of connectors causes errors.
*We do not recommend applying a rollback to inline Subprocesses.
*Asynchronized Subprocess and Adapter worksteps run in separated threads. When placing rollback points in these worksteps (in addition to worksteps placed before asynchronized Subprocess and Adapter worksteps), BP Server must stop these kinds of threads. You can remove the created subprocess instance threads. However, removing Adapter workstep threads is not possible. The only solution is an e-mail notification.
*You cannot create a backup of system dataslots for the purpose of rollback.
The outlined area (labeled "Not a Safe Point") in the Figure 20, displays areas in the process template where rollback functionality is not allowed. Both, the rollback start point (the workstep that is configured to rollback to another workstep on error) and the rollback end point (the workstep to which the rollback happens), must be outside the outlined area. If any one or both these rollback points are inside the outlined area, then it leads to unexpected errors.
Figure 20. Areas in a process template where rollback points are not allowed