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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Web Objects : HTML mapping examples : Simple HTML mapping : Compiling and running
Compiling and running
After adding the FIND statement to process-web-request, you can save, compile, and run the Web object from the AppBuilder. Selecting the Save button from the AppBuilder tool bar saves and compiles the file. Selecting the Run button from the AppBuilder runs the Web object (w-cstget.r) and displays the output in your default browser.
When you run the Web object, the result looks similar to the Web page shown in the following figure.
Figure 7. Web page generated by w-cstget
The Web object displays the first record from the Customer table. When you enter another Customer ID number, it will display the associated record.
Note that unlike w-sstget.html, this Web object generates the complete form on the initial request. Having the HTML in a separate file makes any attempt to selectively display parts of the form much more difficult.