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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Web Objects : HTML mapping examples

HTML mapping examples

HTML mapping allows you to take an existing HTML form layout and map (or link) specific form fields to specific database fields. The generated Web object, a SpeedScript procedure file, provides processing to manage the input and output of values between the mapped source and the target fields.
With HTML mapping, you can separate the design of your HTML interface from the development of the SpeedScript procedures that interact with your data source. Also, like CGI Wrapper Web objects, HTML Mapping Web objects allow you to initiate and control state-persistent WebSpeed transactions. See Controlling WebSpeed Transactions for more information about Web object states.
However, the programming and maintenance of HTML-mapping Web objects is usually more complex than Web objects derived from embedded SpeedScript.
The following examples show relatively simple and more complex HTML-mapping Web objects.
* Simple HTML mapping
* Complex HTML mapping
* Complex HTML mapping that includes a SmartDataObject