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Web Services Adapter Administration : Managing the Web Services Adapter : Configuring and managing a WSA instance : Statistics of a WSA instance
Statistics of a WSA instance
When you create a WSA instance, statistics associated with the WSA instance are maintained. That is, statistics are kept for each WSA instance and each Web service deployed to a WSA instance. By inspecting and resetting these statistics, you can monitor and tune the WSA instance. The following table lists the statistics of a WSA instance.
Table 20. Statistics of a WSA instance
Number of SOAP requests
Requests for Web service applications
Number of Active requests
Requests queued and being acted upon
Number of HTTP requests
Total requests received from the HTTP listener, including administrative, WSDL, and Web service requests
Number of WSDL requests
Requests for WSDL documents
Number of SOAP Faults
Error returns from Web service applications
Number of services disabled
Web services deployed to this WSA that are disabled from client access
Number of errors
Total errors returned by the WSA, with error counts broken out at the bottom of the list for each of several error categories when total errors are greater than 0