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Messaging and ESB Administration : Configuring and Managing the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Starting the ESB container

Starting the ESB container

start the new container:
1. Select the new container component (for example, OpenEdge_Container) in the Containers folder in the left pane of the Sonic Management Console. Right-click and select Generate Boot File from the pop-up menu. A file browser appears.
The boot file is an XML file whose name and location you can specify. Navigate to the desired directory, name the file (for example, OpenEdge_Container.xml). and click Save to create the file.
2. Finally, you must create a script to start the container. You can use one of the following files as the basis for that script:
*Windows SonicMQ-Install-Directory\bin\startcontainer.bat
*UNIX SonicMQ-Install-Directory/bin/
Make a copy of the appropriate file in a directory of your choice and name it appropriately (for example, OpenEdge_startcontainer.bat).
3. Edit the script file and find the following line:
set CONTAINERFILE=container.xml
Change the value to the full path to the boot file (for example, OpenEdge_Container.xml) that you created in Step 1, and save the file. You can now start the container at any time by executing this script.