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Reference to OpenEdge Web Service Properties : Alphabetical reference : staleO4GLObjectTimeout


Session model: Managed or Free
The maximum duration (in seconds) that a service object (AppObject, SubAppObject, or ProcObject) can be idle before it is released.
As part of managing certain service objects with OpenEdge, clients explicitly create them using factory methods before invoking other methods on them. When the client no longer requires the object, it has the responsibility to release the object from the service run-time context. However, if this time-out expires before the client releases the object, the WSA Adapter, REST Management Agent, or the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB assumes that the client application no longer requires access to the object, and deletes it from the service run-time context automatically. In effect, the adapter uses this time-out to provide garbage collection on service objects that client applications stop referencing and fail to release in the specified period of time. Any subsequent attempt by a client to access this object returns an error from the adapter.
A value of 0 for this property specifies that the adapter perform no garbage collection on idle objects, leaving the responsibility for releasing them entirely to client applications.
When all objects that reference the connection pool have been released, the adapter also releases the now unreferenced connection pool as well.
Installation default: 0