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WebSpeed Administration : Connecting WebSpeed to a Data Source : Connecting to a non-OpenEdge data source through a DataServer : Setting up and running the DataServer
Setting up and running the DataServer
After installing and configuring your DataServer as described in an OpenEdge DataServer guide, you can set up and run a DataServer for WebSpeed.
To set up and run a DataServer for WebSpeed:
1. Start the DataServer processes and create the schema holder. The WebSpeed Transaction Server does not have to be running at this time.
2. One recommended technique for managing an agent's connection information is to create a parameter file (.pf). Create a parameter file that specifies the schema holder, the database, user information, and information for accessing a remote database, if your configuration requires it. For more information on creating and using parameter files, see OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications.
3. Configure the WebSpeed agent to use the parameter file that you created by specifying the Parameter File (-pf) parameter. For example, if you created a parameter file named, your entry in the Server startup parameters field on the Server tab in OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer might be:
-p web\objects\web-disp.p -cpstream iso8859-1 -pf
4. Start the Transaction Server.
When the WebSpeed broker whose agents you configured with DataServer connection information receives a Web request, it selects an agent from its pool to service the request by connecting to the non-OpenEdge database and, through the DataServer, retrieving or updating data.