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WebSpeed Administration : Connecting WebSpeed to a Data Source : Connecting to a non-OpenEdge data source through a DataServer

Connecting to a non-OpenEdge data source through a DataServer

A WebSpeed application can access a range of databases through the OpenEdge DataServer architecture. There are native DataServers for accessing the ORACLE DBMS and Microsoft SQL Server.
The following sections supplement the information provided by the applicable OpenEdge DataServer guide. The sections describe the general tasks that you must perform to install and configure your DataServers in a WebSpeed environment. The sections also provide specific instructions for connecting WebSpeed agents to the various data sources.
Before developing a WebSpeed application that accesses a non-OpenEdge data source, read your DataServer Guide for information on writing SpeedScript code that gives you the results and behavior you expect for your data source. Some elements of SpeedScript do not behave as documented in the standard WebSpeed documentation when accessing non-OpenEdge data sources. There is also additional syntax that allows you to optimize queries by leveraging the strengths of individual database managers that the standard documentation does not describe in detail.
Typically, integrating a non-OpenEdge data source into your WebSpeed environment involves following these basic steps:
*Planning where the DataServer fits in your WebSpeed hardware architecture
*Installing and setting up the DataServer
*Building a schema holder that contains the data definitions in a format required by WebSpeed applications
*Configuring WebSpeed agents to connect to the schema holder and data source
Planning where to locate a DataServer is a similar process regardless of which DataServer you use. The other steps, however, vary across DataServers. See the appropriate OpenEdge DataServer guide for instructions.
* DataServer and WebSpeed architecture
* Setting up and running the DataServer