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Web Services Adapter Administration : Managing the Web Services Adapter : Configuring and managing a WSA instance : Properties of a WSA instance
Properties of a WSA instance
When you create a WSA instance, it is assigned a collection of startup properties that reside in the file associated with the WSA instance. These properties include options for logging, debugging, and tuning. You can modify the startup properties of a WSA instance anytime after creating it using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, or by manually editing the file.
The following table lists, by category, the properties of a WSA instance that reside in the file. For more information on these properties, see the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer online help.
Table 18. properties of a WSA instance
Web Services Adapter Location
Web Service Protocol Type
Proxy Server Setting
Host Name
Port Number
Enable WSDL Retrieval
WSDL Inaccessible Page
Enable WSDL Listing Retrieval
WSDL Listing Page
Working Directory
Log Filename
Web Services Adapter Logging Level
Append to Web Services Adapter Log File
Log Message Threshold
Logging entry types
Log file threshold
Maximum number of files
Enable WSA Administration
WSA Administration Authentication
Require WSA Administration Authorization
Enable Web Services
Require Web Services Authorization
Require WSDL Retrieval Authorization
Advanced Features
Admin SOAP Action Header
HTTP Error Page
Debug Clients
Client Host