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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer : Configuring AppServer components : Editing the properties file
Editing the properties file
OpenEdge stores the configurations for both the NameServer and AppServer products in a properties file ( The UNIX and Windows files are the same except for platform-specific differences (for example, differences in directory path separators, and the differences between environment variable references on UNIX and registry references in Windows).
The properties file stores all the configuration definitions for all instances of the NameServer, and all instances of any AppServer, AppServer Internet Adapter, WebSpeed Server, Web Services Adapter, OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ, and DataServer product. Each configuration definition contains environment variables, and property settings for each product instance.
There is one copy of this file for each OpenEdge installation. Thus, if you install the NameServer on a separate machine from the AppServer product that it manages, the NameServer and AppServer product each have their own copy of the file.
The AdminServer reads and updates this file according to your instructions using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer and management utilities. The file is installed in the properties subdirectory of the OpenEdge installation directory (for example, OpenEdge-Install-Directory/properties/ on UNIX, or OpenEdge-Install-Directory\properties\ in Windows).
* Guidelines for editing the properties file
* AppServer entries in the properties file
* Editing and validating the properties file