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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer

Configuring and Managing the AppServer

This chapter describes the tasks required to configure, start up, shut down, and maintain the AppServer. The AppServer operates on UNIX and in Windows, and you can perform the required tasks from either the UNIX or Windows command lines or from OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer.
AppServer administration includes common tasks for configuring all OpenEdge server products that use the NameServer (OpenEdge Unified Broker products). For an overview of these common tasks, including detailed information on NameServer configuration, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
* Run-time components and operation
* AppServer administration framework
* Configuring AppServer components
* Setting up the environment for AppServer execution
* Starting and managing an AppServer instance
* Specifying the server pool parameters
* Managing code pages
* Checking for failed client connections
* Checking for failed server connections
* Summary of management tasks