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Messaging and ESB Administration : OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ Administration : Configuring and administering the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ : Configuring ServerConnect
Configuring ServerConnect
ServerConnect is a process that runs with your AppServer ABL session or WebSpeed SpeedScript session. The ServerConnect process that runs inside of the AppServer or WebSpeed server is multi-threaded and allows for multiple SonicMQ connections within the same process. Additionally, each connection to a SonicMQ Broker uses multiple threads.
Prior to using ServerConnect in an AppServer or WebSpeed server, the AppServer or WebSpeed server must be enabled for SonicMQ ServerConnect enabled using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer.
To enable the AppServer or WebSpeed server for ServerConnect from OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu bar. Expand the container name; the main resource types appear in the list frame.
2. In the list frame, expand the OpenEdge category.
3. Expand the AppServer or WebSpeed category, and select a broker. The Details page for that broker appears in the detail frame.
4. Click Configuration.
5. Click Edit.
6. Click the Messaging tab, and select the SonicMQ ServerConnect enabled check box.
7. On the Agent tab and the Broker tab, select unique broker and server log filenames.
8. On the Agent tab, select the logging level.
These settings start a SonicMQ ServerConnect process when the AppServer or WebSpeed server starts with specified logging options. After starting the AppServer or WebSpeed server, ensure the SonicMQ Broker is running.
The only necessary configuration is for logging and tuning. Logging properties are defined through the AppServer or WebSpeed broker. These settings can be modified using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer.
To configure ServerConnect logging for an AppServer, see Configuring and Managing the AppServer. To configure ServerConnect logging for a WebSpeed Transaction Server, see Configuring WebSpeed in Windows.