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Introduction : Overview of Server and Services Administration : AppServer for OpenEdge

AppServer for OpenEdge

The AppServer™ is the core of OpenEdge application and integration services and is the engine for running ABL business logic that can be made available to application clients as application services. Essentially, the AppServer is an ABL runtime client with no user interface, but instead provides a means for client applications to call its ABL procedures and user-defined functions remotely. Like most server products described in this manual, it relies on the Unified Broker framework for configuration and administration.
The AppServer is often used together with the OpenEdge NameServer to provide connection and server-level fault tolerance and facilitate application service availability. With the help of additional server products and adapters whose management is also described in this manual, the AppServer can make its application services available to all types of OpenEdge clients in many different configurations.
For information on developing application services and programming OpenEdge clients (especially ABL clients) using the AppServer, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.
For more information on managing the AppServer, see Configuring and Managing the AppServer.