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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer : AppServer administration framework : AppServer broker
AppServer broker
The AppServer broker performs the following functions:
*Registers the application services the AppServer provides with the controlling NameServer. For more information on application services, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Application and Integration Services.
*Manages connections between clients and a pool of AppServer agents that it starts.
*Maintains the status of each AppServer agent in its pool and scales the number of processes according to changing demand.
*When configured for stateless or state-free operating mode, dispatches remote requests to AppServer agents.
One AppServer agent provides connection management for a single AppServer instance. However, you can configure multiple AppServer instances, possibly using different operating modes and accessing different resources, for a single AppServer installation. For information on broker configuration options, see Configuring AppServer components.