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REST Administration : REST Web Application Administration : Managing REST Web applications : Administering a deployed and enabled REST Web application
Administering a deployed and enabled REST Web application
Once a REST Web application is deployed and enabled, you can administer it as described in the following table.
Table 76. Actions for administering a deployed and enabled REST Web application
Disable and enable
Makes the REST Web application unavailable to Web service clients; makes it available again
Get, set, reset properties
Provides the value of a REST Web application's properties; sets or resets one of the REST Web application's properties
Get and reset statistics
Displays the value of each REST Web application statistic; reinitializes the statistics
Provides the REST Web application's status (enabled or disabled), target URI and statistics URI, and relevant application properties
Removes the files created when the REST Web application was deployed
To perform these functions, you can use OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Explorer, or the RESTMAN utility. For more information on REST Web application administration using the RESTMAN utility, see Using the RESTMAN Utility and Command and Utility Reference.
You can also administer REST Web applications using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. For more information, see the OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration manual or the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer online help.