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REST Administration : Using the RESTMAN Utility

Using the RESTMAN Utility

The RESTMAN utility is a command-line utility for administering the REST Management Agent and the REST Web applications. The REST Management Agent deploys the REST Web applications on the Web server. The functions provided by the RESTMAN utility duplicate their OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer equivalents. Essentially, RESTMAN utility is a remote Web application and the three clients that can access the application features are OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Explorer, or RESTMAN utility.
The RESTMAN utility operates in a similar fashion to the WSAMAN utility in that it communicates using Remote Method Invocation (RMI) with the OpenEdge AdminServer, which communicates with the OpenEdge Management Agent using the REST API. You use the RESTMAN utility from the Proenv command-line utility shipped as part of your OpenEdge installation.
* Syntax
* Functions for managing a REST Management Agent
* Functions for managing a REST Web application