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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer : Checking for failed server connections : Configuring clients : Java and .NET Open Client connections
Java and .NET Open Client connections
To request the use of the ClientASK protocol on a connection, a Java or .NET Open Client must set the new connection property prior to instantiation of the relevant AppObject. As with the existing connection properties, the new connection properties can be set on the static RunTimeProperties object (for properties that are applicable to all connections), or may be set on a Connection object instance for a specific connection. The values may be set or accessed using property names, or using the specific GET and SET methods for the property.
The PROGRESS.Session.AppServerKeepalive property is a string valued property that indicates the ASK feature that the client would like to employ on the connection.
The absence of this property indicates that the default value for the ClientASK protocol will be used on the connection. The value is either of the following:
*denyClientASK (default)
For more information on the working with Java and .NET Open Clients, see the OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients and OpenEdge Development: .NET Open Clients manuals in the OpenEdge documentation set.