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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer : Checking for failed server connections : Failure detection and response
Failure detection and response
The ClientASK protocol detects that a server bound to it is no longer connected as follows:
*The client infers that the server connection has failed. It does this, by keeping track of the time of the last activity on the connection.
*If no messages are sent to, or are received from, the server within a specific time interval (specified in the clientASKActivityTimeout property), the client determines if the server is still connected.
*The client sends an askPing request to the server.
*When the server receives an askPing request, it must send an askPing response message to the client, regardless of the current state of the connection.
*When the client receives an askPing response, it updates the timestamp of the connection.
*If the client does not receive a message from the server within a specific time interval (specified in the clientASKResponseTimeout property), the client will deem the connection to be in failure, and take action as if a fatal communication error has occurred. This may disconnect the socket.
Note that the client does not take action unless both the activity and response timers expire.