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Row template ID

The Row Template ID and Alt Row Template ID properties are used to specify a row template defined in an HTML file.
The row template definition uses the <script> tag with type "text/x-kendo-template".
This code can be added to the same HTML files used for the custom sections (see Custom HTML sections).
When the web app code is generated, the Kendo UI Builder places the files into the build-output folder. For example, for the custom top section file in the Column_List view of the OrderEntry module:
This means that after changing the template code, you need to rebuild the web app for the new template code to appear in the corresponding custom view section file.
Following is a sample template definition that can go in one of these files:
<script id="empTemplate" type="text/x-kendo-template">
<tr data-uid="#= uid #">
<td><b>#= EmpNum #</b></td>
<td>#= LastName #</td>
<td>#= FirstName #</td>
<td>#= State #</td>