Extension Points and Source Code Customization : Custom HTML sections

Custom HTML sections

Built-in views have places (sections) for you to add your own hand-coded UI. The code must be placed in the correct file for a given section and must be valid HTML for a <div> section. For more information on <div> sections see http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_div.asp.
The custom section files for a view can be found as follows:
For more information on the names and locations of these custom section files, see Custom code.
The following table lists each custom section supported for most views and the names of the corresponding file created for each section:
Table 9. Some custom sections and corresponding section files
Custom section
Corresponding file
Note: The predefined landing-page view supports only top and bottom custom sections
If a given file for a custom section is empty or contains only comment elements (the default), the corresponding section does not appear in the view at run time.
Custom sections can also be used to contain row and column templates for grid views. For more information, see Row templates and Column templates.