Extension Points and Source Code Customization : Column templates

Column templates

Kendo UI supports different ways to code templates for Grid columns, as descirbed here: http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/ui/grid#configuration-columns.template. These column templates are similar to specifying the column elements of a row column template (see Row template format).
You can specify the code for a column template as the value of the Template property for an included column selected in the Grid Columns dialog box that you open for editing the columns of a grid view. You can access this dialog box by clicking Edit for the Grid Columns property in the PROPERTIES pane of a grid view design page. For more information, see the topics on adding and editing grid views in Modules and views.
For example, to apply a column template that renders the value of a Name field in bold that appears in the corresponding column of a grid view, select the included column for that field and enter #: Name # (without quotes) as the value of the Template property.
Note: You must use the data source field name in a column template, not any label that has been defined for it. So, if the Name field has Full Name specified as its label, you cannot use Full Name in the column template.