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Connection Option Descriptions : Timestamp Escape Mapping

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Timestamp Escape Mapping


TimestampEscapeMapping (TEM)


Determines how the driver maps Date, Time, and Timestamp literals.

Valid Values

0 | 1


If set to 0 (Oracle Version Specific), the driver determines whether to use the TO_DATE or TO_TIMESTAMP function based on the version of the Oracle server to which it is connected. If the driver is connected to an 8.x server, it maps the Date, Time, and Timestamp literals to the TO_DATE function. If the driver is connected to a 9.x or higher server, it maps these escapes to the TO_TIMESTAMP function.
If set to 1 (Oracle 8x Compatible), the driver always uses the Oracle 8.x TO_DATE function as if connected to an Oracle 8.x server.


0 (Oracle Version Specific)


Advanced tab