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Using the Driver : Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources : Configuring the Product on UNIX/Linux : The Example Application

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The Example Application
Progress DataDirect ships an application, named example, that is installed in the /samples/example subdirectory of the product installation directory. Once you have configured your environment and data source, use the example application to test passing SQL statements. To run the application, enter example and follow the prompts to enter your data source name, user name, and password.
If successful, a SQL> prompt appears and you can type in SQL statements, such as SELECT * FROM table_name. If example is unable to connect to the database, an appropriate error message appears.
Refer to the example.txt file in the example subdirectory for an explanation of how to build and use this application.
For more information, see The Example Application in Progress DataDirect for ODBC Drivers Reference.