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Connection Option Descriptions : SSLLibName

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SSLLibName (SLN)


The absolute path for the OpenSSL library file containing the SSL library to be used by the data source or connection when SSL is enabled. The SSL library contains the implementations of SSL protocols the driver uses for data encryption.
This option allows you to designate a different SSL library if you encounter issues with the default version or want to use a library that you provide. Common issues that require designating a different library include security vulnerabilities with specific libraries or compatibility issues with your server or application.

Valid Values

is the absolute path to where the OpenSSL file is located
is the name of the OpenSSL library file containing the SSL Library to be used by your data source or connection.


C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\ODBC_80\Drivers\OpenSSL\1.0.2d\ddssl28.dll


*The OpenSSL library files provided by Progress combine the cryptographic and SSL libraries into a single file; therefore, when your drivers are using a Progress library file, the values specified for the CryptoLibName and SSLLibName options should be the same. For non-Progress library files, the libraries may use separate files, which would require unique values to be specified.
*This option can be used to designate OpenSSL libraries not installed by the product; however, the drivers are only certified against libraries provided by Progress.


Empty string


The value for this option is specified as an option-value pair in the Extended Options field on the Advanced tab. For example:
SSLLibName=C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\

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