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Connection Option Descriptions : Server Process Type

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Server Process Type


ServerType (ST)


Determines whether the connection is established using a shared or dedicated server process (dedicated thread on Windows).

Valid Values

0 | 1 | 2


If set to 0 (Server Default), the driver uses the default server process set on the server.
If set to 1 (Shared), the server process used is retrieved from a pool. The socket connection between the application and server is made to a dispatcher process on the server. This setting allows there to be fewer processes than the number of connections, reducing the need for server resources. Use this value when a server must handle a large number of connections.
If set to 2 (Dedicated), a server process is created to service only that connection. When that connection ends, so does the process (UNIX and Linux) or thread (Windows). The socket connection is made directly between the application and the dedicated server process or thread. When connecting to UNIX and Linux servers, a dedicated server process can provide significant performance improvement, but uses more resources on the server. When connecting to Windows servers, the server resource penalty is insignificant. Use this value if you have a batch environment with a low number of connections.


*The server must be configured for shared connections (the SHARED_SERVERS initialization parameter on the server has a value greater than 0) for the driver to be able to specify the shared server process type.
*This connection option can affect performance.


0 (Server Default)


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