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Reference : Locking and Isolation Levels : Locking

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Locking is a database operation that restricts a user from accessing a table or record. Locking is used in situations where more than one user might try to use the same table or record at the same time. By locking the table or record, the system ensures that only one user at a time can affect the data.
Locking is critical in multiuser databases, where different users can try to access or modify the same records concurrently. Although such concurrent database activity is desirable, it can create problems. Without locking, for example, if two users try to modify the same record at the same time, they might encounter problems ranging from retrieving bad data to deleting data that the other user needs. If, however, the first user to access a record can lock that record to temporarily prevent other users from modifying it, such problems can be avoided. Locking provides a way to manage concurrent database access while minimizing the various problems it can cause.