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Using the Driver : Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources : Configuring the Product on UNIX/Linux : Environment Variables : Library Search Path

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Library Search Path
The library search path variable can be set by executing the appropriate shell script located in the ODBC home directory. From your login shell, determine which shell you are running by executing:
echo $SHELL
C shell login (and related shell) users must execute the following command before attempting to use ODBC-enabled applications:
source ./odbc.csh
Bourne shell login (and related shell) users must initialize their environment as follows:
. ./
Executing these scripts sets the appropriate library search path environment variable:
*LD_LIBRARY_PATH on HP-UX IPF, Linux, and Oracle Solaris
The library search path environment variable must be set so that the ODBC core components and drivers can be located at the time of execution. After running the setup script, execute:
to verify that the installation_directory/lib directory has been added to your shared library path.