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Connection Option Descriptions : IANAAppCodePage

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This information pertains to UNIX/LinuxThis information pertains to macOS.
Supported on UNIX, Linux, and macOS only.


IANAAppCodePage (IACP)


An Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) value. You must specify a value for this option if your application is not Unicode-enabled or if your database character set is not Unicode.
The driver uses the specified IANA code page to convert "W" (wide) functions to ANSI.
The driver and Driver Manager both check for the value of IANAAppCodePage in the following order:
*In the connection string
*In the Data Source section of the system information file (odbc.ini)
*In the ODBC section of the system information file (odbc.ini)
If the driver does not find an IANAAppCodePage value, the driver uses the default value of 4 (ISO 8859-1 Latin-1).
To override the value set by this connection option for an individual statement, set a different value in the SQL_ATTR_IANA_APP_CODE_PAGE statement attribute (attribute value 1064) on the SQLSetStmtAttr() function. This statement is defined in the qesqlext.h file, which is installed with the driver.

Valid Values

is one of the valid values listed in "Code Page Values." The value must match the database character encoding and the system locale.


4 (ISO 8559-1 Latin-1)


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